Stage 4a
Stage 5 Stage 6 BOSS
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After falling asleep with the other clients, Pentarou and Takosuke wake up with this fine young miss. I tried to make an animated GIF to TRULY give you experience, but I couldn't. Just use your imagination and you'll be fine. The text basically reads "Please help us, all of the girls have been kidnapped!"

[ I made this an animation - a very wonky one at that - but hey, it looks funny ;) - Felix the Cat ]
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You gotta dig the stupid little UFOs that explode and tell you their score in old-school font!
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Why on earth the penguins are BOXING up women is beyond me totally. Actually, this whole game is just beyond my realm of comprehension. That's why I like it so much. ^_^
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Take notice of the dominatrix penguin and her submissive. It's little things like this that make Sexy Paro worth playing over and over to see if you notice them.
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Compared to the other bosses, this guy's actually pretty normal - just a penguin piloting a big machine with a gun. Watch out when you kill him, 'cuz the penguins out for vengeance!

[ Yeah, it pulls out a little machine gun peashooter and tries to blat you with it. I stupidly tried to see if it killed you and it did, making me restart the boss again ;P - Felix the Cat ]
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I wish I were Ace. He truly does get all of the chicks. Option is quite the stud here too.



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