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My rudimentary Japanese translates this as "The corn is tormenting us!" Go Get Them, Parodius Team!
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[ I know a friend who had some pet sheep called Lambchop and Mintsauce. And if that isn't irony then what is? - Felix the Cat ]
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This bright, happy farm is accompanied with Disneyworld-esque parade music that only makes the whole thing goofier. Watch out for the bouncing hills too.

[ The hills are ALIVE with the sound of goofy music! - Felix the cat ]
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Oooh, oohhh! A Salamander reference! Just like those biological thingies that expand in the first level, these puffy spiky things just keep getting bigger till they explode.
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The Man himself, Corn Chiwa. Easy, as one might guess, though his popcorn can get tough to dodge.
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I think this requires some explanation: see, there is a legend that tanuki (basically a Japanese racoon) can transform into various shapes, but humans are the hardest to transform into. Here, Takosuke points out to this tanuki what a human girl REALLY looks like.

[ Note: suitably lecherous Shooting Star pilot, and everyone else looking indifferent. Although Hikaru looks ready to rip Ace's nuts off - Felix the Cat ]



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