Kurt Kalata (of Castlevania Dungeon fame) reviews the mad PlayStation version

For cornball screwiness, there's no place better to go than Konami's Parodius series. This one here is my personal favorite, Sexy Parodius for the Playstation and Saturn. Originally an arcade game, Sexy Parodius features branching levels, multiple endings (depending on how well you play the game), a ton of goofy playable characters and plenty of risque humor, as the title suggests.

The character roster this time incluces the good old Vic Viper and Lord British (with VERY off sounding voices), the two penguins, Ivan and Toby (a pun off the Iwatobi penguin), sexy bunny sisters Hikaru and Akane, tropical fish Mambo and Samba, heavenly pigs Michael and Gabriel (who both have one of the coolest voices I've heard in a video game [yeah, they sound like Ryu or Ken off SFA3 - Felix the Cat] ), stick figure guys Koitsu and Aitsu, the little blob things Option and Multiple [a pun off Gradius, playing as the Options with little Vic Vipers following you! - Felix the Cat], and from Twinbee Yahho, Ace and his ship, the Shooting Star (plus its mysterious counterpart, the Black Viper.) My personal fave is Michael - when powered up all the way, his wave attack is incredible.

In many levels, you have to collect a certain number of objects (coins) or kill a certain number of enemies. If you meet that goal, you head to one level. If you lose, you go to another. While the game is technically pretty short (you only play six levels), there's a lot of replayability to be had.

Graphics: 85%
This is advanced as Parodius gets - lots of nice, bring colorful artwork. It's no Gradius Gaiden, but it serves it purposes.

Sound/Music: 85%
Same silliness as other Paro games - lot's of classic tunes done in a very, VERY silly fashion. Character themes are excellent too - so good, that I got the soundtrack.

Gameplay: 95%
Short, but tons of fun, and more replay value that most shooties.

Overall: 95%
One of my favorite shooters of all time. Worth hunting down if you're even mildly interested in Parodius - this one will only hook you further.

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