Stage 3b
Stage 5 Stage 6 BOSS
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This poor fellow's mansion is infested with mice. Go get 'em!
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This level starts off with some Castlevania music, which is quite cool. Look, when it starts to rain, he gets an umbrella! Hee hee!

[ nothing like making your targets obvious is tehre? If this was Blazing Star they'd have "A POWER UP ITEM APPEARS!" on screen, and you know how many powerups you can get in Parodius ;) - Felix the Cat ]
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Since this stage is technically for those *ahem* incompetant enough to get all of the coins in the bathhouse, Konami decided to make this one rather easy. There are mice POURING out of most every place imaginable.
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See? Told you. I rest my case.
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More Castlevania music begins this fight again Medusa, who's got to be one the most commonly used bosses in video games (equipped with the beam that turns you to stone, natch.)

[ This one seems more shocked that a small green penguin is busy flicking her in the nose - Felix the Cat ]
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This is technically the bad ending, but oh well. I lost on purpose. Yeah, that's it...



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