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Super Spacefortress Macross

Reviewed by Deeto

Ahh, Macross. One of the more definitive anime made in our century, Macross featured memorable characters, great mechanical design and animation, and an original storyline. There've been a ton of Macross games over the years, some terrible, some fantastic (Scrambled Valkyrie comes to mind). So where does the arcade Macross place? Let's take a look.

Relatively good, for the most part. The backgrounds are usually well drawn, and the stages are varied, taking you through Macross City, through various areas of space, and into the heart of the enemy, or a relatively similar statement. However, these graphics are REALLY muddy! Space should be, but every other stage is dark as well! The colors are all dark and splotchy, mixing dark greens with dark browns equaling backgrounds that aren't as pleasant as they could be. Luckily, your Valkyrie is well drawn, as well as the usual Zentradi enemies seen in Macross games.
Graphics: 75%

Pretty simple, for the most part. Instead of using a cockamamie control scheme for shifting your Valkyrie into different modes, you simply pick up powerups, and switcheroo! Each form has a different weapon scheme, each powerable up to level 3. Fighter has a spread shot, Gerwalk has a Beam, and Battroid (which for once isn't totally worthless) fires homing missles. You can also speed up, and fire lots and lots of exploding bombs. Bosses aren't too interesting in the beginning, consisting mainly of large guys with small guns (easily avoided), and take way too little time to kill off. However, the last couple bosses become incredibly difficult, and begin to fire some of THE largest lasers in any shmup!
Gameplay: 80%

Although not without it's share of problems, Macross is quite fun, and manages to stand out above most of the usual shmups.

-Graphics in spots.
-Transform system
-SWEET bosses near the end.

-Sound (none)
-Graphics in some spots.
-Transform system.

-Graphics in some spots.
-Slightly monotonous stages.
-BAD bosses in the beginning.

Overall: 80%

Levels 1, 2 & 3:
An Earth city, Saturn and a large battleship..

Levels 4 & 5:
Earth (again) and at the seaside...

Levels 6 & 7:
And the last guardian...

[SPOILER! The ENDING is this way!]
<< Our slightly pointless Macross intro. Misa (I believe that's her name), launches Hikaru, Max, into waves of space croissants, where battles are sure to ensue.

Ahh, Macross... Where would we be without our fave anime, eh? Everyone has to like a particular anime sometime, right?
Macross is one of the more enduring animes around, and responsible for bringing anime to the west, along with the likes of DRAGONBALL Z, AKIRA and GUNDAM WING. Macross has been made into loads of games, each of them a particular quality. Best out of the lot is Scrambled Valkyrie, although I do admit I had loads of fun playing this one. It is a bit hard to get used to but the game is pure anime throughout.

Many thanks to Deeto for this one! Always reliable for an honest review. All we need reviewing now is Super Spacefortress Macross 2, DYRL, etc etc... - Akira


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