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<< STAGE 1: Macross City

There are neat cutscenes like this between each stage, and they're quite good (as you're about to see). Enemies attack the SDF, and our heroes (hero) are sent out to save the city. Of course, what I wonder is, why couldn't they have made this the real intro? Kind of makes the first one redundant.

>> Gah! Look out that horrible, muddily colored cityscape! You would think that the designers could put some less depressing colors into it's first stage, but I guess that's too good for them.

<< Here's our first boss, and he's pretty damn lame. Looks like a big, green turtle with guns, and fights worse then one.

>> Stage 2: Saturn Troubles

Another good cutscene, as our guys blast off towards Saturn (why not Uranus?).

[ He ain't going anywhere near MY anus! - Felix the Cat ]

<< Whoah. Hey Felix, I think this is the most boring screenshot there's ever been on shmups!

[ You're wrong there Deeto. Try Gyrodine as the most boring shmup in the world... - Felix the Cat ]

>> An 'undocumented' feature is the Armored Valkyrie attatchment. This baby lets you fire big, blue lasers, and gives you 1 hit insurance against those nasty Zentradi bastards.

<< Geez, I had trouble telling this thing apart form normal enemies! At least it's harder then the stage 1 boss......

>> Stage 3: Battleship...Battle!

Whoah, that's quite the evil looking spacecraft, but Hikaru and his Battroid are up for the challenge... unless they're not, in which case 'everyone's gonna die!'.

<< Time to take this thing down.... and it's surprisingly easy! Gee, why would such a menacing enemy be so easy?

>> ...because this thing was right behind it! Quite the battleship, and your first 'real' boss.

Levels 4 and 5 over here!


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