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<< Stage 4: Earth---The Boring One

Whoah, you'd think that after being smashed to bits multiple times by lasers, the Earth would have a thinner atmosphere....

>> Bottom left: Valkyrie in Battroid mode firing missles at miniboss. Background: Incredibly dull, brown pockmarked earth. Top: Miniboss exploding in violent, gory(?) flames.

<< These guys look like they escaped from the crappy old american tv show 'Bucky O'Hare'.

>> Wow, I was amazed by this guy. Fires loads of bullets, spins around wildly, and takes a ton of damage. Let's see if the boss can match up to him...

<< Nope. One turret on the front, and missles.

[ You're _almost_ excited aren't you Deeto? - Felix the Cat ]

>> Stage 5: Neo Malibu

Zentradi attack again, Hikaru, Max, attempt to strike back.

<< Man, get some color on that city! I'm pretty sure people use more colors in their buildings then just brown. But it's the future, and people probably have poor taste.

[ Or ran out of paint - Felix the Cat ]

>> A particularly well drawn SDF..

<< Man, this guy has one of the biggest laser cannons I've ever seen, but it flashes, and I was unable to pick up the thing when taking pics. You all must be so unhappy about it. =(

>> Luckily, I managed to snag good pics of this part of the boss, where he shoots circular lazers, which slowly tighten in on you, until you've got just a tiny bit of room left to manuver.

Levels 6 and 7 over here!


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