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<< Stage 6: The Zentradi Attack!

It appears that the Zentradi are about to try their 'vaporize earth' scheme, and of course it's up to the SDF to put an end to it.

>> Right from the start, you're confronted with a miniboss. Or, multiple ones. First this guy.

<< Then another Zentradi battleship.

[ Captions getting shorter by the minute. Deeto's falling asleep =) - Felix the Cat ]

>> And I'm making up for my shoddy capture work from before with this boss. The animation speaks for itself.

[ Eye eye! Groan... - Felix the Cat ]

<< Stage 7: The Final Disaster

Whee, off to kill the final boss.

>> Starts out relatively tranquil......

<< ....But come on! That isn't fair! (although I guess my shooting them with my fast lasers seconds after they come on screen for the past 6 stages was pretty unfair).

[ Time to panic... - Felix the Cat ]

>> The FINAL BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 I'm so excited! First take care of his arm, then get destroyed repeatedly by annoying light balls of death. When he gets that surprised 'oh crap, I'm explooooodin' again' look to his face, you've won! Break out the champagne, and watch the rather lame ending.



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