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Welcome to The Guardian Legend Shrine! The page is separated into 10 Areas, each which contains information relevant to The Guardian Legend. Have fun, and don't forget to E-Mail me your questions and comments, and Sign the Guestbook!

The Guardian Legend was created by COMPILE, produced by IREM, and brought to America by Broderbund. Not many people heard of it, but it's a great game. I spent many hours playing it.

This page is dedicated to this great game, and contains all sorts of goodies for your use. I made the Shrine because I couldn't find one thing on The Guardian Legend elsewhere, and this game deserves a monument.

The story line, straight from the manual: "Long ago, in a distant galaxy, an alien race sent a huge world-called Naju-hurtling toward Earth, loaded with a cargo of mysterious life forms.

During the long journey, these creatures have multiplied and become increasingly evil-and now Naju teems with evil. However, deep within this complex globe are self-destruct mechanisms that can be activated to destroy it before it reaches Earth.

Now, you must battle your way deep within Naju's labyrinths to destroy the alien world. You are the guardian of Earth and your saga will become The Guardian Legend."

Once you get past the first boss, you read a message, and find out Naju was origionally inhabited by friendly creatures, but was invaded by evil life-forms, and there's only one surviror, that left the message. It's your job to blow up Naju. What fun!

The game itself is divided into two sections: The Labyrinth, and the Dungeon (Corridors). In the Labyrinth, the game is Zelda-like, with ourheroine being able to move over a map. Things such as Corridor entrances, mini-bosses, power-ups, weapons, teleports, save points, Blue lander rooms,and of course, enemies can be found in the Labyrinth. In the Dungeon, the game is an overhead shoot-em-up, with varying speeds. Keys, power-ups, endless enemies, and the allmighty, ugly, bad-ass bosses can be found in the Dungeon.

The game can be further broken down into severalareas in the Labyrinth: Main, Water, Forest, Crystal, Organic, and Wasteland. Each of these areas has it's own theme, monsters, and bosses, and needs it's own key found in the Dungeon to access it.

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