08/02/02: Well, it's been more than a year since I updated. I lost the FTP password to the site, so I couldn't upload anything new. Well, I've got it now. Hopefully I'll update with new material soon.

01/23/01: Some new goodies :) RAM address patches from deadnail, and new art from Ryan Genno. Also, some stuff was moved to the screenshots page.

09/03/00: Small update .. new art from Tim, and a remix of the TGL title music from Ian Chipman.

07/02/00: Been such a long time since an update! Sorry folks, been a bit lazy :) There's new fanart, more fanfiction from Robert Lambert, a new tip, a scan of the cover from the European version of TGL, a TGL ROM translated into Spanish, and a .NSF file with TGL music.

03/25/00: Lots o goodies.. a new tip in the Tips and Tricks section, new art+fanfics in the Fan Stuff page, and the biggest news.. Kalani Cooper's new TGL manga is up! The first episode is up, with 13 pages. Go check it out in the Fan Stuff section!

03/09/00: I did some touching up on the site.. alot of changed stuff. It looks alot more like the old TGL page, before it moved to classicgaming.com. New section in the Fan Stuff area.. send in your best NESticle demo recordings of you playing TGL! Show us all how to really toast those baddies :)

11/05/99: New tips and tricks from daNIL, and some fanfiction by Robert Lambert

10/14/99: Lots of fanart from Kalani Cooper, yum!

9/07/99: New fanart from Wilfredo Martinez.. I was impressed by how realistic this one looked.

8/24/99: Some minor adjustments.

7/19/99: More art from Tim. Gobble it up!

4/25/99: Some goodies from Wilfredo Martinez. He's sent in a TGL desktop theme, and TGL startup/shutdown screens. Yum!

2/14/99: More fan fiction from Brian A. Davis! Woohoo! Also, new fanart from SXBM.

12/23/98: A spectacular abundance of Fan Art comes from Tim once again. Hand-drawn images, plus pictures of a TGL doll he made himself! Complete with Blue & Red lander ;) Definatley a MUST-SEE! Oh yeah, and.. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

11/4/98: Some new fan fiction from Brian A. Davis.. really good stuff! Also, some new fan art from ME! :)

10/1/98: New fan art from Tim.. really nice looking! Also, updated the Tips & Tricks section.

5/31/98: Oh, joy of joys! Chuck Cochems has gotten bundles of The Guardian Legend MIDI music! Check it out at the Downloads area!

5/30/98: The Shrine is now included in the 'SHMUPS' page, as an entire section dedicated to the game!! It still exists as a separate stand-alone page too though!

5/17/98: First piece of fan art. It's from SEN. Check it out yo!

5/15/98: Yet more fan fiction from Leialoha Cooper. Chapter 3!

5/13/98: Got a new title screen. Scanned right from the box. I had to touch it up a bit though

5/12/98: More Fan Fiction from Leialoha Cooper. It's a little shorter then the first one, but it's really funny ;)

5/12/98: I actually got some Fan Fiction! Woohoo! It's from Leialoha Cooper. Check it out!

5/11/98: Added a new goodie to the Tips & Tricks section. Joy!

5/08/98: I tried to get into the NES Webring of power but the guy never even submitted it in. Argh! Oh well. Had to remove the sign that says i'm in it (Cuz i aint)

4/19/98: The new site is up, with lots of new goodies. Joy :)

4/17/98: Got all the WAVs and stuff for the Download page.. gave the whole site a makeover. Hoping to re-upload soon.

4/16/98: I'm doing some major improvements on the site.. it really shouldn't be online yet but I couldn't resist :)

4/15/98: Almost finished! Need to hook up my NES to my Stereo system and record some stuff for the Downloads section.

4/14/98: Added maps for all the Areas. Planning to add E-Mail and Guestbook sections..

4/13/98: Finally finished Corridor 4.. phew! What a nightmare :) The page in general is almost finished, but I've decided to add some new areas.

4/12/98: Happy Easter! Hehehe.. even more of the page is finished. Hoping to be finished and have the thing online soon.

4/11/98: By the end of the day, tons of the page is finished. Double woohoo.

4/10/98: Started work on this page. Woohoo.

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