A.General stuff

Tip 1: Enemy erasers are very useful later in the game. You'll find them invaluable for killing tons of enemies.

Tip 2: Explore everywhere in the Labyrinth. If you miss something, you might not be powerful or knowledgeable enough to go on in the game.

Tip 3: Many enemies/bosses can easily be killed with certian weapons.

Tip 4: If you're not sure if you want to fight a mini-boss or not, try standing over a green triangle as it appears. Once the mini-boss appears, you can walk off of the triangle either in or out of the room.

Tip 5: In the Dungeon, when fighting bosses, if you're low on health, try shooting the bosses shots. They may leave power-ups.

Tip 6: In rooms where you can buy multiple power-ups, always choose the one that will be the most useful (Aka Red Lander, Consecutive fire)

Tip 7: Don't get discouraged if a Boss kills you. Try searching for power-ups you haven't found, or rethinking your strategy. Then go back there and kick his ass :)

Tip 8: The Difficulty of an enemy can usually be told by it's color. Green = Easy, Blue = Medium and Red = Hard.

B. Chip Bug
Ever been running through the Labyrinth with little life left? Need a quick stock of chips? Here's a trick that'll let you get full health and chips, from just one blue chip!

Step 1: Find an area with a blue chip, that is at a 45 degree angle to a yellow triangle or is surrounded by yellow triangles.

Step 2: Blow away the triangle(s) so that there is a 45 degree angle space between you and the chip, with triangles on both sides.

Step 3: Walk up to the chip through the hole you've made, and sit there picking up the chip over and over!

C. Walk through walls
If you slide your body against a wall enough, you'll eventually find a way to slip through. This only seems to work facing left or right.

D. TGL password
Entering the password TGL will get you into a special mode in the game where all you do is play through the Corridors. In between Corridors, it stops to give you several power-ups and weapons. Beware-you don't get as many power-ups as you would in the actual game, so things are more challenging.

E. Sound Test
Hold down A and B and hit reset. Left and right moves, up plays, and down stops.

F. Game Genie codes
Here are all the offical Game Genie codes for The Guardian Legend.

CODE KEY IN . . . EFFECT . . .
1 AAXTIUNY Infinite energy--
2 AXVAIAAG Start with less energy
3 EEVAIAAG Start with more energy


4 GXOAKLST Never use up shots
5 OVOAKLSV + PEOASLAP Use up minimum shots
6 PAKVELAA Start on area 1
7 LAKVELAA Start on area 3
8 IAKVELAA Start on area 5
9 YAKVELAA Start on area 7
10 PAKVELAE Start on area 9

I experimented with the "Start on area #" codes, and made a chart of Corridors you can skip to. Some of these codes, however, throw you into a wierd glitch world.

The format for these codes are: First letter, Area with last letter A, Area with last letter E.
So Z,2,10 means ZAKVELAA would bring you to Area 2 and ZAKVELAE would bring you to Area 10.

Other Symbols:
  • X: This code does nothing.
  • #: Glitch Corridor. These Corridors are glitches. They have no music, no boss, and really scrambled graphics. They're slightly different every time you run them. Some have no sound. Some will even give the CPU invalid opCodes and freeze it up! They're still fun to try out however. I strongly suggest putting in the "Infinite energy" Game Genie code, or you won't get very far.
  • F: Freeze: Once the Guardian transforms and flies off, the screen simply goes blank.

  • The Codes:
  • A,X,8
  • P,1,9
  • Z,2,10
  • L,3,X
  • G,4,2
  • I,5,3
  • T,6,4
  • Y,7,5
  • E,#,#
  • O,#,F
  • X,#,F
  • U,F,#
  • K,F,#
  • S,#,F
  • N,#,#
  • N,#,F
    G. User-submitted tips & tricks
    Here's a tip from The Paladin (paladin@forcomm.net)

    It works during the flying sequences, I haven't tried it in the field.

    I rarely use the enemy erasers and wind up with a whole lot of them. Well... I've got a really good use for them. Item Multipliers!

    This is how you do it. When there are some enemies on the screen, activate the EEs and don't stop. The enemies will explode, and will keep exploding, and some will turn into the little flashing thing that turns into an item box. Keep activating the EEs as fast as you can. Those little flashing things will multiply and even more explosions and flashing things will start to fill up the screen. When you stop, you'll get a whole bunch of item boxes to use.

    Here's a little something from Chris Bieniek.. it's how to access TGL mode in the Japanese version of TGL!

    At the password screen, enter
    these six characters in order:

    1) Row 1, character 4
    2) Row 1, character 2
    3) Row 1, character 4
    4) Row 4, character 8
    5) Row 5, character 7
    6) Row 1, character 2

    As in the U.S. version, a space will appear between the fourth and fifth
    characters; this is normal. Now just choose the three-character group in
    the lower-right corner to "end" your password entry, and the game will
    begin. This code is the Japanese equivalent of the "TGL" password.

    Here's some good stuff from daNIL:

    If you go to the first computer in the center of the '0' level, you can
    hold select (you'll need to press it twice because first time you will just
    see the weapons menu) and press 'B' button continuosly to view all messages
    in the game!

    More stuff from daNIL ..

    I've finally figured out a cheat with start button.
    You can buy all 3 items in the shops, where you can buy only one;
    to do this press and hold start, and press select twice (do not release start!).
    Now if you touch one of the items in the shop, you'll take it, but others
    won't disappear! Unfortunately, if you exit and enter the shop, you will not
    see any item, so you have to take it all in one shot, so take red and blue (^^)
    first, they will restore youre chips and you can take another item.
    I've tested this cheat in the US version, may not work in japanese.

    Game genie codes:

    AEISSX Speed up game
    TNZVVO No enemies on the screen, game goes nuts later on.
    EOZYYY No enemies in flying scenes, except ground enemies
    YNLVOG When you enter a corridor, you will beat it instantly. You can't start a new game, though.
    ZSTEKP Press Select to get 12 hearts, and a score of 9999990! Will mess up the apperance of the weapon select menu.
    ZUTEKP Press Select to get 32 hearts, and restore your health to full. Will mess up the apperance of the weapon select menu.
    NNVAIAAK Start the game with 32 hearts.

    Here's some RAM address patches from deadnail

    You can set thesewith NESten or fwNES, or any other new NES Emulator that
    rolls alongthat allows you to set and freeze RAM addresses. I searched these
    out with NESten, it's a little lurfy sometimes but it works.

    0048 is Life (Set it to 255 for a full 32 Hearts)
    004A is Attack (Set it to 8 to fill up the status screen with guns)
    004B is Shield (Set it to 8 to fill up the status screen with
    004C is Chips (Set this to 128)
    004D is Chips (Each one counts as a full 256, set it to 12 for 3200!)
    004E is Chip Max (Again, set it to 128)
    004F is Chip Max (Again, set to 12 for a full chip max of 3200!)
    04AF is Enemy Eraser Ammo (Set to 256 and blast away! :)

    0049 Crashes NESten in a really interesting way. Maybe I set it too
    high...? I think this might just be the code for 'Max Hearts' and the
    one up there is just 'Current Hearts'. In any case, the one up there
    seems to work well enough by itself.

    0047 Turns the screen to garbage and gives the CPU an invalid opcode
    when you press select. Try it, it's fun for the whole family.

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