PC: With today's obsession for 3D accelerated graphics, polygons and awesome jaw-dropping visuals, commercial 2D scrolling shooters aren't particularly common on the PC.

Fortunately a few hardy and brave developers are releasing some seriously great efforts with quality approaching those of the consoles. And lately, we haev been finding a LOT of japanese-only shooters which can put some commercial console efforts to shame. Of course, with emulation of all sorts of other systems rife, there's almost no need to find dedicated games for it, but the japanese shooters being made now are something you just HAVE to play. And also you'll be missing out on Tyrian, The Reap, Nebula Fighter...

Now, a good shmupping friend of mine has a much better and up to date list than here, which includes pretty much all the shmups you are going to find on the pc ever. So go and see Roger's PC shmup database pages!

Airrade Studio SiestA 2005
Astro Asembler Crystal Interactive Very challenging shooter which uses 3-D polygons for many enemies (though still a 2-D game)
Angeraze Ohbado  
Baroque Shooting Sting  
Barrage Tribe Twinkle Soft  
Cho Ren Sha 68k Famibe No Yosshin  
Darius Gaiden   Win95 Japanese only release. Recently released in the US at bargain price
Demonstar Mountain King Studios  
Excess Fraction Twinkle Soft Another excellent jap only vertical shooter. Lots of manic action in this one.
Earth Force    
Fren-ze Hermit Games website
Gradius Deluxe Pack   Win95 Japanese only release. Contains Gradius 1 and 2
GR-3 Kenami  
Gunner's Broom Studio B-Room If you don't mind the hentai, this is a cool shooter. Choose levels from a main world map, and unlock new locations.
Idinaloq Namikaze Excellent Silpheed-like shooter, complete with intro/ending movies
Imperishable Night Shanghai Alice Easily better than many commercial games, and there's only one fair score to award: 10
Isin Densin Zero Grafix Soft Awesome! Try the grappling arm on this baby! Anyone have the full game? IMPOSSIBLE to find...
Kamui SiterSkain Excellent Raystorm-meets-Soukyugurentai style of shmup. Japanese only.
Layer Section   Win95 Japanese only release, runs waaaaaaay to fast to be playable.
Llamatron   Jeff Minter whacks out a Robotron clone. Manic and fiendishly addictive! Amiga and AtariST versions available too.
Monsterland   Text based blaster. Oddly addictive, and multiplayer too!
Nebula Fighter One Reality Your basic horizontal shmup
Project X Team 17 Awful 1995 conversion of the Amiga original
Raiden   Home conversion of the seminal verscroller. Average at best...
Raiden II   Win95 Japanese only release, excellent conversion...
Rallyraid Twinkle Soft  
Raptor: Call of the Shadows Cygnus Earn money and buy upgrades in this oldschool vertical shmup.
Reflex Siter Skain A very nice Layer Section inspired shooter. Even has bits of GigaWing too! (or was that the other way round...?)
東方文花帖 (Touhou Bunkachou) Shoot the Bullet

Team Shangai Alice/ZUN

Unique "shmup" in the popular Touhou series where you shoot with a camera... very fun and intriguing.
Solaris Real Arcade  
Sonic Princess Software House Parsley  
Space Bastards   Download it from Sir Gogol's homepage, Space Invaders ripoff, with badass weapons!
Space Tripper Pom Pom Pretty (gfx sense) Uridium clone, with some awesome speed gameplay
Stardust   DULL conversion of the Amiga game. Looks the same but it's way too choppy!
Star Monkey Small Rockets Cool Gradius like upgrades and online hi-score comparisons make this game a standout in my book (no monkeys harmed in the making either)
Starscape moonpod Udderly amazing multi directional shmup
Steel Heart Twinkle Soft Most Twinkle Soft games seem the same, but the formula works...
Steel Saviour Atlanteq Don't know if the project is still ongoing, but this demo of an Einhander clone ROCKS!
Super Stardust 96   Conversion of the Amiga/CD32 original
The Reap Housemarque Beautiful isometric shmup, lovely graphics, brilliant gameplay.
Tobi Divine Abopado Powers  
Tubular Worlds    
Tyrian 2000 Eclipse I don't like the use of inertia in this one, very involved with story and powerups
Ultra Assault Small Rockets Two words: LEVEL EDITOR
Xadlak Plus SpriteSoft Another jap only shooter. This one takes elements from RayXanber, among others. Pretty good fun though
Xenon II: Megablast Bitmap Brothers 1989. It sadly misses the excellent Amiga soundtrack which, IMO, was the best part of the game.
Zone 66    


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