kamui - Siter Skain


Reviewed by Roger Post

Ok, kamui bites off of Raystorm quite blatantly, but wow, what a good job this game does at "sampling" a pre existing quality shooter. To write a review of this game, all I have to do is instruct you to read the Raystorm review, and that's basically it... This game may have even taken the exact same ENGINE!

But gameplay is sooooo similar, you could even call this a sequel. It's got the front lasers, and the lightning lock-on's. It's got the sound effects, and the ground enemies. It's got the tough, knock down drag out boss fights... But one thing kamui adds is the powered up front laser, activated by pressing both attack buttons down at once.

You have a power bar in the left corner, which is used in ground attacks, but when using the laser, the bar moves from the OTHER end, and depletes from right to left. Therefore you have to choose lightning or laser.

This element, plus a shield that takes quite a few hits, improves the gameplay of kamui over Raystorm just a smidgeon, IMHO. This version is a demo, and only plays two levels, but what me sees, me likes. kamui really works well with the PC element, and translates smooth graphics, fast gameplay, and excellent play control to a home computer system.

This is for me hands down the BEST PC shooter out there, bar none!

Pity we probably won't see a US version or translation of this game. kamui has a few nice intro graphics too!

This is my first contact with Siter Skain, but I sure hope they make more shooters! Anyone know how to buy the full version?! Their homepage is in Japanese :(

(I'll try to gather some more info about how to register. More news soon - Akira)

Here's a Radiant Silvergun type ship that circles around you with a light-sword trail... The graphical feats in this game are impressive...

The famous "lock-on's", which attack enemies on a level below your playing field. Lock on to more enemies, get more points.

The first big baddie of the game, and your mega-powered laser. Let the bosses live for a while, just to see their cool attack patterns.

(yee-haw! - Akira)

Here's a nice little mid boss with flailing arms

This tank was just flown in and dropped, which produces a cool shockwave effect. I love little extras like that. How ANY aircraft could manage that, I don't know.

Now THIS is a boss... kamui turns up the skill level a notch or two.

(This looks like a typical Raizing boss' bullet-spew - Akira)

Oops, he's got big lasers of his own too... What goes around, comes around.

After two stages, and a huge craving for more of this game, the trial ends... sob...

Here's a future boss taken from the SS website. I wish this game was marketed

(A real pity. You get the latest Pokécrap but not a gem like this one - Akira)

I agree with Rog here. This is , in my opinion, the BEST vertical shooter there is available for the PC (with the horizonntal-scrolling crown still with Xadlak).

This demo version is a great taster of what a good game kamui is, both technically and gameplay-wise, even when it 'nicks' a lot of ideas from other games like Raystorm and Soukyugurentai, because it manages to mix them in the right way. Quite simply, the best vertical blast you can get for your PC.

- Akira


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