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The boss is another story though... Laser machines from three sides, and an eye that moves up and down. Stay right close up to the eye, and the top and bottom lasers shouldn’t hit you.

Fourth level... ugh ... battleships... lots of em... too... much... firepower... my weapons... too weak... memorize patterns! While fighting these ships, asteroid chunks also hurl at you at amazing speeds. Ha, ha, ha.

(Look at those ships. Complete R-Type ripoff! This section reminds me of a part of R-Type 2's level 3. Maybe Irem ripped off allumer in R-Type 2? =P - Akira)

This loser seems to take damage forever. With little pesky options that fire at every angle, and more debris coming your way, this guy is quite the headache. As of the time I’m writing this, I can’t beat him yet.

Ok, that punk boss bit it, so here’s level five. I was really DREADING this part, thinking “if R-Type had a pain of a mechanical memorization level, uhhhh, maybe this one... ummm...” And it does. And it requires more memorization than R-Type I think.

Fifth boss has angled lasers that reflect around the room, while that red orb pops out of the left or right side, with the other side spitting out enemies. Not too bad if you just run right up to the weak spot and blast away.

Final level, what a battle just to get here! As if there things weren’t bad enough, four mid sided enemies come out too. Your armor does block most of this guy’s shots though.

Well, the last boss was kind of a letdown. I thought it would be Uber-difficult, like in R-Type, but he’s not so bad. Bullets are shot, while little sperm lock on to you and try to home in (you must look like an egg to them.) The armor takes out the little guys, so just dodge the bullets and keep blasting.

Warning: If you can read this, you are too good at shooters, and play way too much.

I LOVE Engrish ending. Always make me laugh.

Enjoy good “shooting” life! I like that philosophy...


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