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What!? They expect me to pilot this thing?!

Instead of the R-9 defense pod, we now have the VAWS, or variable armor and weapon system. Too bad the actual weapons stink though. The rotatable VAWS are pretty helpful, and can shield the ship depending on which way you place them.

Is this game an outright hack? I donít think so, because after level one it does branch out a wee bit. This would be R-Typeís entering the first level facility.

(Ripoff - Akira)

The circular laser part...SUE, Irem, SUE!!!!! Get some money from a lawsuit and make a new Dreamcast R-Type!

(Oh boy... - Akira)

I didnít know what to expect at the boss, but yes, he is very different from R-Typeís level one boss. Still a pushover though. Hit him when the eye is exposed.

Second level, snake themed with bio pillars popping up all over. Start the memorization process here, kiddies.

Errmmm.. a Snakeboss... The copyright snake. If I didn't see one in the whole game, despite being a complete R-Type ripoff, I would have said the game is _very_ original - Akira

The conveyor belts on level three move along the wall with a fixed pattern. Looks difficult, but really isnít.

The screen gets REALLY cluttered. Take out the joyriding enemies and there isnít much else to worry about.


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