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Lovely rich colouring here, it's not as garish as it seems, instead you get a warm fuzzy glow just like being on top of a hill in summertime, picnic ensconced in your tummy, and the sun going down gently. Ahhh... AAGGH!

Another cunning ploy you'll find Capcom up to here is to distract your eye with detail, and the resulting aesthetic appreciation can result in untimely deaths.

This is the point where things start to go a little DonPachi-ish, with familiar patterns of purple "bullets" appearing. I was pleased to note that it does not get to stupid levels though - in fact the sort of unfairness that Gigawing can display in this area is just not evident.



Two things stand out here. First, the fact that it;s a battleship and it's in the middle of some desert in Egypt. Secondly, it's bloody huge. Lay it along, say, Italy and you'll have bits hanging off the end, casting an impressive shadow over Sicily. Oh, and another thing, there seems to be a large charcoal coloured dragon with eyestalks nesting comfortably on the after-deck. See it? Is it just me that sees these things? I can stare at wallpaper for hours quite happily, especially that plain and bumpy kind. Please email me and tell me I'm not alone. Ta.


Hello. I went for for almost a day without writing anything here. Since then I have been sleeping and swimming, though not at the same time of course. Where was I? Oh yes, I've let off yet another smartbomb, which as you can imagine, get used a lot when there's a boss around, which there is, here. Sometimes it's really hard to find anything to say about yet another battleship, but wait a mo...



Watch out for this little boat, it can be annoyingly resilient. Best idea is to lock onto it's botty and let go. Did I explain about locking on? Just hold the main fire button down and let go.

If the lockon missile hits a bigger enemy, it will create a lockon-zone, which you can further pummel with homing shots. Just keep bashing that fire button after loosing one of these and you'll see.


Managed to get this one in time y'see, so it sunk, instead of being ever so slightly damaged LEVEL 3



Hah - no battleship has ever died so beautifully - check out the wee anim to see an inkling of the impressively animated death throes of it. That shot on the left shows both the normal (blue) laser and lockon (green) homing shots in action.



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