Aerofighters - McO'River


McO'River - 1993

Reviewed by Simon Coong

One of the more interesting Raiden-style rip-offs I've encountered during my travels, this is certainly an interesting find (if you can find it!). It certainly took me a while to find!

Well what can I say about the first Aerofighters that hasn't been said about the Neo-Geo Sonic Wings 2 and 3? Well not much, considering this is inferior to the Geo versions (not surprising, considering this is on the SNES, and is the first)...

Aerofighters is an interesting game to play, and is pretty enjoyable once you get into it. There are four ships to select from the start, including a ninja-type dude piloting an FS-X (which strangely enough fires shuriken and kunai at the enemies), and some robot guy with some strange weapons...The powerup system is pretty cool though. For the first two powerups you collect, your weapon will be boosted (unsurprisingly), but once you collect a third, your firing system will go into overdrive and fire upgraded shots for a limited time, and can be sustained by picking up more powerups while in this mode. Also, there's the complimentary smartbomb weapon, which changes depending on the character chosen - ninja-guy has one hell of a charge laser, and robo-man has a rebounding shrapnel bomb.

Other than that, the game's fairly uninteresting - levels are sparse, it is pretty standard stuff. Good for half-hour's worth of gaming, but that's pretty much it.

How basic can you get? =)

Here's the first level boss (surprise surprise)...
A nasty little bastard this one, not only does this thing have lots of cannons, the little turrets on the ground unload on you! (EWWWW!)

Hey hey, it's the Wall Street Trade Centre

Heh heh heh ;)

NEVER piss off a banker =)

Whatever this plane is, it's not camouflaged very well ;)


If that's a stealth bomber I'm Mick Jagger.

That's a nice burny thing you have there =)
You think your thrusters are nice? Wait 'till you see my retros!!

Your typical battleship level =)
Don't point that turret at me or I'll have to spit on you!!

That's a very weird looking tank...
This is one army surplus item you don't want to piss off!

Told you so!

(Apologies for the small captions, I haven't been well)

I'm surprised that this hydrofoil hasn't sank with the weight...

And yes, that is shuriken I'm firing from my aircraft...

Ooh, I'm scared =)
Is that all you can do???

Unfortunately I lost three creds on this boss =P

The last level, alien territory (groan)

This bastard charges around the screen like an epileptic disco dancer at a rave, spitting like crazy! Make sure you store as many bombs for this encounter, you'll need them!


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