Bee Preying: Online DoDonPachi Conquest Manual
Obviously, destroying enemies and collecting stars and bees will increase your score. Yet aside from the Get Point System, there are many ways to increase your score quicker. Below are the ways.


This bonus begins when you grab a B icon and then end up with a full stock of bombs. The word MAXIMUM should scroll where your bomb stock indicator would be. If you grabbed a B icon when you already had a full stock, your multiplier will begin at x2. Otherwise, it will begin at x1. Your multiplipier increases by one every time you collect a B icon. While the bonus is in effect, for every 1/60th of a second, 220 points multiplied by the multiplier (multiplied by 2 if the game is in the second loop) are added to your score. This bonus ends when you either (1) lose a fighter or (2) face a boss. In case (2), should you defeat the boss without dying, this bonus will restart at the beginning of the next area.

Bee item bonus

Throughout the game, sometimes you will see bee medals and other times you will see just their skeletons. To turn a bee skeleton into a medal, hit it with the head of your laser (passing through these skeletons wiht the body of your laser does nothing).

There are 13 bees in each stage. The point values of the first twelve bees from the beginning of the stage are as follows: 100, 200, 400, 800, 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, 8,000, 10,000, 20,000, 40,000, and 80,000. If you manage to collect the all of the bees, the first bee is worth what the second bee was worth on the previous stage. Assuming that all of the bees were collected in each stage, this means that the 13th bee at the end of the first area is worth 100,000, the second, 200,000, and so on until bees are worth 1,000,000. If you lose a fighter, the game discredits any of the bees you've collected and the next bee you collect is only 100 points.

Area clear bonus

Upon clearing a stage, you receive the following bonuses:
  • The number of aerial stars you collected from your current life on that area multiplied by 500 points.
  • The number of ground stars you collected from your current life on that area multiplied by 1,000 points.
  • The point value from defeating the boss, plus the following: the boss's point value divided by 100 and then multplied by the hit count from the boss.
  • The point varalue from clearing the area without dying (the NO MISS bonus).
The last two bonuses have different values, depending on the area:

Area Score from boss's defeat NO MISS bonus
1 300,000 200,000
2 400,000 300,000
3 500,000 400,000
4 600,000 500,000
5 700,000 600,000
6 800,000 700,000
2-1 300,000 2,000,000
2-2 400,000 3,000,000
2-3 500,000 4,000,000
2-4 600,000 5,000,000
2-5 700,000 6,000,000
2-6 800,000 7,000,000
2-7 Bee: 1,000,000
Fire Bee: 5,000,000

Bullet disappearance bonus

Certain situations will cause bullets to disappear. Each bullet's base value is 500 points, and it is speculated, though not proven, that this bonus follows the GPS. Thus, you would be earning points as follows:
500+1,000+1,500+...+500*(number of bullets cleared)

Remaining fighter bonus

If the second loop of the game is completed in one credit, every reserve fighter is worth 10,000,000.

Flower bonus

There are two areas where flowers bloom: Area 2 and Area 4. In Area 2, there are a bed of flowers right where the mid-boss begins to exit from the base. When the fighter is near these flowers, the flowers will bloom, and each bloomed one will add 10 points to the score every 1/60th of a second. In Area 4, there is a bed of flowers in one of the ruined buildings. When the fighter is near these flowers, the flowers will bloom. Each fighter's shot that a bloomed flower abosrbs will add 510 points to the score. If the laser is applied to a bed of bloomed flowers, each flower will add 1,100 points to the score every 1/30th of a second.

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